Rotary Screens

Rotary screen:  

The key part of the system is a filtrating rotary drum with a mesh opening ranging from 0.25 to 4mm.
The liquid enters the system through a flange in the mid part of the tank.Once the liquid has crossed the distribution tank, it overflows outside on the upper part of the drum.
Water flows through the wedge wire type grid whereas solids remains on the outside of the drum and are discharged by means of a scraper.
Filtrate liquid passes through the drum upstream and assures the cleaning of the filter. The internal deflector prevents the liquid from being ejected on solids

Rotary screen
  • Solids recovering for recycling
  • Effluent recycling
  • Above 2 objectives combined in line in the process
  • Reduction of settling matters, suspended solids, BOD, COD in pretreatment installations