CPI Oil/water separators

The CPI Oil/water separator system:  

The CPI oil-water separators units are designed to separate the lighter oil fraction from the wastewater.
The capacity of the CPI unit ranges from 5 m3/h up to 660m3/h.
The CPI oil-water separator series are designed to create the optimal circumstances for easy separation of the oil and water. The installed lamella plate packs creates a large effective surface area, creating a separation area up to 50 times its own footprint. Together with a long retention time, this guarantees optimal separation performance. The separated oil is collected with a skimmer pipe and can be discharged with a pump or gravity.


CPI plate pack small
The advantages of the CPI Oil/water separator unit.
  • Large free surface area and long retention time for optimal separation performance.
  • Low maintenance.
  • No moving parts, very low energy consumption.
  • Completely manufactured out of stainless steel.
  • Flow range 5-660 m3/h.
  • Also available in concrete, with standards size plate packs.
  • Also available as a containerised system, flow up to 150m3/h per container.
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